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Little Perks In Cars

I believe anything that is nice and you enjoy in your cars and it makes the trip nicer is well worth it.

  1. I love my push start button.
  2. I appreciate the backup camera.
  3. Good back support and cruise control.
  4. Hands free for my phone.
  5. The more cup holders, the better.
  6. Bluetooth phone connectivity is such a boon. Not only you can talk hands free, but you can stream music through the car’s speakers.
  7. The heated seats makes the experience better.
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Exercise Using Stairs

Raising your entire body up a flight of stairs requires significant use of energy. Walking up and down the stairs is great. I always take the stairs when I have the option.

Climbing stairs is the cardio of the walk. I do find when you do exercise using stairs, it helps burn more calories and you can feel it in your thighs though.

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Self Control – Weight

  1. I have seen family members lose a significant amount of weight just by counting calories on their own or get a food scale and measure all your foods.
  2. Cut out on bread.
  3. Use to log your food and exercise to get an idea of how you are doing.
  4. Stock your kitchen with only healthy food that way there will be no temptation.
  5. Drink more water and eliminate soda from your diet. Try not to sit for long periods of time and make an effort to move.
  6. Cutting back on sugar, fat and additives. Try to stay away from processed food.
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Beautiful Hair

Healthy grey hair is beautiful. Our hair is one of the first things people notice about us. The beauty industry capitalizes on the desire for healthy, shiny hair. Beautiful hair adds to the beauty of a person. There are as many beautiful heads of hair, as there are colors, styles, textures and lengths.

I let my hair air dry as I don’t like to use heat. Beautiful hair hides a multitude of flaws. Maintaining hair by taking care of it like we do with other parts of our body is important. It can be used to express oneself or make a statement.

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It is wonderful because it can do a lot for your body and mind. It takes discipline and a lot of practice.

One approach for a racing mind is to focus on something and repeat it. Some people will call that a mantra, but it can be anything like a song you like. Then repeat it until you can turn off all the thoughts outside of your focus. It gives you serenity and control when you are done.

Mindful meditation, for example, has helped me be more “in the present”. Guided meditation has helped me become less stressed. I find different rewards in each practice. It makes me grounded and changes my whole outlook.

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I feel the positives of vaccinations outweighs the negatives. Anyone who doesn’t get their child immunized isn’t being fair to their own child. I feel it is so important to protect not only yourself but the people around you.

If many people refuse immunization for childhood diseases, it will become a public health crisis. The vaccines are safe and have been there for years. It is not fair to the child to subject him/her to an outbreak.

The parents are so afraid of autism, they are ignoring the facts. We are all aware of the risks, use caution, but listen to the doctors.